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A Quick Guide to Everything About the Emirates ID

As of April 11, 2022, the Emirates ID has become the cornerstone of expatriate residency in the UAE, supplanting visa stickers in passports and revolutionizing various government processes. This landmark change marks a pivotal moment in the nation’s identification system, emphasizing the importance of comprehending everything about the Emirates ID. 

From its advanced features and functionalities to seamless renewal procedures and its role in healthcare and immigration, this comprehensive guide will empower UAE residents with an in-depth understanding of their Emirates ID. 

Understanding the Next Generation Emirates ID 

With the commitment to continually improve the services provided to UAE residents, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) announced in August 2021 the launch of a new generation of Emirates IDs. These cards boast an extended service life span of over 10 years and are equipped with advanced features to enhance security and convenience. 

The latest Emirates ID includes additional printed information, such as personal and professional data, issuing authority, and population group. Moreover, it incorporates ‘non-visible data’ protected through an enhanced security system and accessed via the ICP’s ‘e-link’ platform. The chip embedded in the Emirates ID has also been upgraded, providing a higher data capacity to accommodate a more extensive range of cardholder information. 

The advanced version of the Emirates ID not only provides a comprehensive profile of the cardholder but also aligns with the UAE’s vision of becoming a smart nation. By integrating enhanced security measures and greater data capacity, the Emirates ID ensures efficient identity verification and seamless access to government services for residents. 

Convenient Immigration Procedures with the Emirates ID 

Long before the recent change, Emirates IDs have been a game-changer for travelers, streamlining immigration procedures at UAE airports. By simply swiping their Emirates IDs at smart gates, residents can seamlessly pass through immigration checks, eliminating the need for lengthy queues and paperwork. This convenient feature has made traveling hassle-free for UAE residents, further solidifying the Emirates ID’s position as an indispensable document. 

The smart gates at UAE airports utilize advanced biometric technology to authenticate the identity of travelers quickly and accurately. This streamlined process not only saves time but also enhances security at entry and exit points, making the UAE one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world when it comes to immigration procedures. 

Updating Your Registered Mobile Number with the Emirates ID 

To ensure a smooth and efficient experience with government services, it is crucial to keep your registered mobile number up to date. If your Emirates ID was applied for by an agent or you have changed your primary mobile number, you may encounter challenges in receiving verification codes for essential services such as issuing birth certificates or attesting degrees. To address this, the ICP offers an online service that allows cardholders to update their registered mobile numbers promptly. 

Updating your mobile number not only facilitates seamless access to various government services but also ensures timely notifications for Emirates ID renewal and other essential updates. The ICP has made it convenient for residents to update their mobile numbers online, reducing the need for physical visits to government offices. 

Making Your Emirates ID a ‘Trusted Digital Document’ 

In an era of digitization, the UAE government has introduced UAE Verify, a groundbreaking digital service that transforms digital documents, including the Emirates ID, into ‘trusted documents’ using blockchain technology. By doing so, the government ensures the security and authenticity of these documents, minimizing the risk of manipulation. Whether you need a physical or digital copy of your Emirates ID, UAE Verify guarantees its integrity and trustworthiness. 

To make your Emirates ID a ‘trusted digital document,’ you can follow a straightforward process on the UAE Verify platform. This service brings peace of mind to cardholders, knowing that their identification documents are safeguarded with advanced security measures. 

Utilizing the Emirates ID as Your Health Card 

Beyond being a primary identification document, the Emirates ID also serves as an essential health card for UAE residents. Linked to the government’s e-link systems, the Emirates ID provides access to vital health insurance information. In emergency situations, residents can use their Emirates ID instead of their health insurance card, making it a reliable alternative when the physical card is unavailable. As health insurance is mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this integrated functionality streamlines the residency application process and simplifies access to healthcare services. 

This innovative approach to combining identification and health insurance benefits not only ensures quick and efficient healthcare access but also promotes the country’s vision of a digitally connected and smart nation. Residents can rely on their Emirates ID for identification, residency proof, and healthcare needs, making it a versatile document that streamlines numerous processes in daily life. 

New Photo Requirements for the Emirates ID 

When applying for a new Emirates ID or renewing an existing one, it is crucial to comply with the updated photo requirements set by the ICP. Failure to meet the specified criteria may lead to application rejections. The new guidelines include specific photo dimensions, instructions on head position, and dress code. Familiarizing yourself with these requirements will ensure a smooth application process and avoid any unnecessary delays. 

To help residents understand and adhere to the new photo requirements, the ICP provides detailed guidelines and examples on its official website. By following these instructions carefully, applicants can ensure that their Emirates ID application process goes smoothly without any rejections or delays. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Your Emirates ID 

Maintaining a valid Emirates ID is paramount for every UAE resident. The time limit to renew an expired ID card is 30 days from the date of expiry. To avoid late fines, it is essential to heed the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security’s (ICP) SMS notification requesting renewal. 

The renewal process is straightforward and can be initiated through various channels. Residents can apply for the renewal service on the ICP website, through the ICP App available on Google Play, App Store, and Huawei, or at accredited typing centers. In some cases, visiting an ICP service center to provide biometric details may be necessary. 

The ICP’s efforts to streamline the renewal process and provide multiple channels for renewal demonstrate its commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence. By ensuring that residents are well-informed about the renewal process and providing accessible renewal options, the ICP has significantly reduced the inconvenience associated with Emirates ID renewals. 

In conclusion, the Emirates ID holds pivotal significance in the lives of expatriates in the UAE. From its advanced features and streamlined renewal procedures to its role as a health card and its convenience in immigration procedures, the Emirates ID is an indispensable document that epitomizes efficiency and security. By understanding its multifaceted functions, UAE residents can optimize their experiences and navigate various government processes seamlessly. As the UAE continues to spearhead technological advancements, staying informed and updated on the Emirates ID remains imperative for all residents and visitors alike. Embracing the Emirates ID as a symbol of a digitally connected society, the UAE continues to lead the way in providing world-class identification and service solutions for its residents.


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